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The core asset for customer experience

A suite of tools at your disposal

Data Linkage


Accurate and predictive.  

Persistent pins for linkage and integration with existing Martech stack

  • Purchase Transactions
  • Lifestyles or Shopping Behaviors
  • Accurate Demographics
  • Financial Profile
  • Scored Audience
  • Omnichannel Addresses
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DDG Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Often forgotten but never fails to impact marketing negatively.

  • Parse, remove erroneous parts, standardize
  • Validate per USPS standards
  • Suppress deceased, prisons, nursing homes, customers, and previous responders, do not contact
  • PIN with persistent ID number for accurate record association
  • Enhance with discriminating variables for your campaign

Merge Purge

This capability continues to create the critical multi-buyer matrix that enables the best response rate implementation using ethical random allocation reporting.

  • Merge any number of files with configurable logic
  • Prioritize or random allocation by file group
  • Flag each list segment with the campaign code
  • Report list usage with accurate detail
DDG Omnichannel Data

Omnichannel Data 

DDG uses a proprietary pinning process to identify each consumer as an individual, a household, and address.  

  • Link mail address,  email address, mobile phone number, customer or member number
  • Associate the consumer transactions with their record
  • Create the Silver layer for your lakehouse or CDP
“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” 
— Daniel Keys Moran