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Who We Are

We Are a Data Driven Marketing Service Firm

As our name implies, we’re passionate about data because we see first-hand, on a day-to-day basis, how that data affects our client’s marketing results in a profound way. We’re driven to succeed. We know how data can be leveraged to help our business partners receive more engagement with their messaging, and that excites us.

Above all, we’re committed to giving our clients the data they need when they need it. Whether that support is delivered through data lists, data processing, or the critical value-add of market research, our agility and timeliness is important to us because we know it affects results.



Market research and data aggregation methodology

Strategic Marketing

We believe that a subject matter expert backed by primary market research and data aggregation can increase the ROI of the marketing spend by:

  1. Defining market segments
  2. Developing messaging guidelines for those segments
  3. Observing channel preference
  4. Scoring the propensity to buy now

Most importantly, we strive to understand the “why behind the what.” If we can analyze consumer attitudes and behaviors accurately, we can then predict how they will respond to specific messaging and products in the market. This is deeply invaluable to anyone that sees data as integral to their marketing or product development efforts.

Timeline history


datadecisions Group was formed in 2016 when Mike Hail and Steve Lerner, the respective founders of FGI Research and Web Decisions Group, merged these entities to enable “voice-of-consumer” marketing.

We believed that data combined with a robust omnichannel marketing platform could fully anticipate a consumer’s needs and responses. We strived to understand the “why behind the what.”

We wanted to link attitudinal and behavioral consumer patterns to the ability to predict how consumers would respond to specific products or marketing messages.  Thus in late 2018 DDG acquired Reach Analytics Predictive Modeling capabilities-- AWS based machine learning platform. 

The combination of primary market research with database marketing is the foundation of personalized communication. We continue to grow on that foundation to this day.  


Data-Driven Marketing Is Our Thing


Meet the Team