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Professional Services: Predictive Analytics

Quality data. Innovative Models. Better Targeting.
Exceptional Results. 

"Reach" delivers data-driven solutions for sales, marketing, and loss mitigation through custom predictive analytics. By leveraging cutting-edge software and a multi-source data warehouse with comprehensive coverage of the U.S. consumer universe, we augment your data and build robust models that drive sales, reduce risk, and ultimately improve your bottom line.


We create data-driven solutions for our clients in
all of these areas and more!

Sales, Response, Profitability, Prospecting, Lifetime Value, Persistency, Stickiness, Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, ROI, Next-Best-Activity, Next-Best-Offer, Market Share, Market Segmentation, Market Expansion, Retention, Loss Reduction, Risk Assessment, Fraud Mitigation.

Predictive Software

Reach helps clients turn data into dollars through the application of predictive analytics created to meet your specific needs. Our proprietary, artificial intelligence software builds powerful, accurate, and reliable models quickly—in hours, not months—and provides rapid turn-around on scoring to keep your marketing implementation or risk mitigation cycle on schedule.

Reach can help you jump to the front of the predictive crowd within days. Our software enables us to build predictive analytic models on your data for classification, regression, segmentation, clustering or any other type of advanced analytic solution you need. 

Data Science

Reach's unique combination of software, data, and experienced data science staff is what bridges the gap between raw data and solving your business “pain”.

  • Our analysts and client services team works with you to design the optimal analytics and implementation plan that meets your unique need.
  • We help ensure best data management, structuring, hygiene, appending, and analysis practices are met throughout the process. Clean, well-structured data is our foundation for producing strong, reliable models.
  • And we guide you through the results measurement, production integration, and analytical enhancement stages.

Our data science approach produces reliable, consistent, and positive results through a holistic understanding of your business and the ‘problem’ you need to solve. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise across a variety of industries coupled with a masterful array of data mining and manipulation services is what gives us the edge in delivering data-driven solutions that meet today’s business needs.


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