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Predictive Analytics Platform


A Predictive Analytics Platform For Marketing Teams

Optimize campaign response rates and acquire new customers with a predictive marketing platform. You can also learn more about our research and insights methods here.


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How It Works


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Data Input

To start, simply upload your customer list. The platform formats and cleanses the list, then appends hundreds of variables to provide unique insight.

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Powerful Predictive Analytics

Our predictive algorithms identify what sets your customers apart, and finds similar look-alike prospects accurately in real-time.

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Better Prospects 

Get easy-to-understand predictive profiles, then order and download hyper-targeted lists on the spot.

We're Replacing Manual Data Science With End-To-End Predictive Automation

Until now, predictive analytics has been a tedious, spotty, and expensive process of manual data science, require large teams and long timelines.

Reach's self-service predictive platform provides end-to-end automation that includes cleansing, de-duping, third-party data appending, real-time modeling, reporting, prospect identification, scoring and list downloading.

Marketers can build profiles in minutes, no need for data curators, database administrators, or data scientists.



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Look-Alike Marketing

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Customer Profiling

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Predictive Profiling

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Response Modeling


Omni-Channel Marketing

Download contact details for predictive-based prospects to use in direct mail, email or social campaigns.


Flexible Data Input

Build new predictive models using either email addresses, or a name and address combination as your input.


Team Collaboration

Comment on and share predictive profiles with team members for faster insight sharing, feedback and decision-making.

Custom Filters

Set custom filters like age or gender, or download multiple lists for micro-segmented campaigns with unique messaging.

File Suppression

Easily input suppression lists to better manage your contact strategy.


Advanced Geo-Targeting

Refine targeting at the state and ZIP code level, or set a specific radius around important locations.


Customer Intelligence Benchmarks

Get accurate US and market benchmarks to compare with customer averages.

Uncover Real Profiles

Don't presume to know a consumer segment based on gut feel and fragmented data. Learn more about your ideal prospects with the leading self-service predictive marketing platform designed for marketing teams.