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Project Coordinator 

Job Title

Project Coordinator

Job Summary

DDG’s Project Coordinators manage the internal marketing research data collection processes for our high volume, time sensitive and demanding clientele.  The Project Coordinator works closely with a Project Manager and other cross-functional teammates to deliver superior custom marketing research that our clients use for business intelligence. The position reports to the Director of Operations.

Responsibilities and Duties

Project Coordinators facilitate the delivery of accurate, actionable data by:

  • Evaluating survey instruments typically developed by Project Managers and/or clients before programming begins:
    • Checking questionnaires for logical pathways between questions
    • Identifying and correcting typographical and spelling errors
    • Evaluating questionnaires for their ability to provide the answers necessary for the research to be effective
    • Making recommendations for potential new question phrasing, grammar, etc., to improve the quality of the survey
    • Applying DDG’s standard formatting rules to the questionnaire for ease of use by our programming team
  • Verifying the accuracy of our programmed surveys by:
    • Checking the accuracy of all text when compared to the questionnaire
    • Checking that all question paths/skips route correctly vis a vis the questionnaire instructions
    • Verifying that respondent quotas are populating correctly
    • Identifying any issues with the programmed survey that need feedback from the Project Manager


  • Verifying the accuracy of our market research deliverables such as datasets, cross-tabulated contingency tables, and analytical reports of findings by:
    • Checking the accuracy of all text when compared to the questionnaire
    • Checking that all data are correct
    • Verifying that the recommendations and summaries being provided are consistent with what the data show
    • Making recommendations about ways to improve the final deliverables to our clients
    • Assuring that the final report explicitly answers the research questions as detailed in the proposal
  • Support our unique data fusion processes for our research by…
    • Coordinating the transmission and receipt of survey data files, customer data files, and third-party data files that will ultimately be merged prior to analysis
    • Set up and maintain secure FTP sites and secure access to real-time survey results through our client portal for clients
  • Facilitate the project schedule by:
    • Assist with scheduling of meetings, materials and other communications internally as well as with external clients as needed.
    • Managing the scheduling and deliverables of all internal resources such as programming, coding, data processing, and marketing science.

Beneficial Qualifications and Skills

While having some background directly in marketing research is helpful, it’s more important that you are:

  • Ambitious
  • driven
  • goal oriented
  • self-motivated
  • proactive
  • highly organized
  • detail oriented
  • dependable
  • a quick learner,
  • able to handle multiple projects with different priorities.

Experience dealing with internal departments, vendors, and clients is extremely helpful.  The Project Coordinator operates in an exciting, fun, and very fast-paced environment.  Multi-tasking skills are a must.  You must have very strong familiarity with MS Office applications including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.  Experience with relational databases (SQL) is a definite plus.  This full-time position is based in Chapel Hill Research headquarters.

Should you apply for this position?  See if this next part describes you.

A successful Project Coordinator looks like this:

You have the willingness to work hard and have fun doing it.  You have an insatiable curiosity.  You love to learn.  You aren’t afraid to ask “why?”  You bring energy and joy to work with you every day.  You proactively look for ways to improve our research, our processes, and your own knowledge. You’re smart.  You are never late to meetings.  You’re not afraid to make suggestions to change, and you have the data to support your point of view.

If this is you, we need to talk.