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Data-Driven Methods

Revolutionizing Research


We are pioneering today's most innovative data-driven marketing research methods.

  • Many companies can use analytics to mine their customer behavior data and predict who will buy or churn. But they cannot tell you why.
  • Other companies can use research to tell you why customers will buy or churn. But they cannot tell you who or when.
  • By combining customer data and analytics with marketing research data and anlytics, we can tell you who will churn (or buy), when and why.

And this is just the start of data-driven research.

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More Actionable

Data Links Insight to Action


So, what is "data-driven marketing research?"

  • A new approach that uses multiple sources of data to increase the depth, breadth and actionability of insights.
  • Additional data is appended to respondent answers and additional analytics are applied to uncover and use the resulting insights.

Here are some hallmarks of data-driven marketing research:

  • Customer behavioral data is used
  • Consumer data is used: demographics, lifestyles, behaviors, attitudes and propensities
  • Univariate, multivariate and machine learning analytics are used to discover insights
  • Predictive modeling and other analytics are used to score customers and prospects
  • Insights are deeper, broader and more actionable than traditional research

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Market Strategy

Marketing Research to Guide Your Strategy


Your success begins with a clear and current understanding of your market, target segments, competitors and emerging trends.

Without these foundational insights, you can’t formulate a winning strategy.

Our research gives you the insights you need to formulate your strategy, target the best customers and generate priorities for your innovation, marketing and customer experience initiatives.

Strategic Research

  • Awareness and usage (A&U)
  • Segmentation
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Social media mining
  • Insight communities and panels

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Product Innovation

Marketing Research to Launch Winning Concepts


Successful innovation requires a constant connection to customers’ wants and needs.

They demand the newest and best offerings and their loyalty is only as good as your innovation. You must stay ahead of emerging trends and remain nimble and decisive when facing disruptive competitors.  

We offers a full array of solutions that improve your decisions at every step of your innovation process.

From agile insights that help you make quick decisions to conjoint analysis that helps you configure winning products, we help you succeed.

Innovation Research

  • Social media mining
  • Insight communities and panels
  • Ideation and crowd-sourcing
  • Concept screening
  • Product and service development (conjoint)
  • Concept testing and forecasting

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Marketing & Communications

Test and Improve Your Ads & Offers


Research-driven marketing helps you deliver the right products, services and messages to move your customers and hit your numbers.

Hundreds of data-driven decisions must be made about packaging, ads, images, copy, creative, messages and more.

Marketers must optimize their communications across an ever-increasing array of channels, including digital, social and mobile.

We offer a full array of solutions that improve your marketing and communication decisions. From agile insights that help you make quick decisions, to predictive models that score individual customers, to tracking studies for ads and customer experience (CX), we help you succeed.

Communications Research

  • Concept tests (ads, messages, offers, names, logos, creative)
  • Package tests
  • Tracking studies (ad Effectiveness, brand, customer experience / satisfaction)
  • Predictive modeling (response and propensity modeling for products, campaigns, churn)

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Insight Communities

Insight Communities, Panels & DIY Research Tools


To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive and instant-decision business environment, you need rapid and reliable research based on your customers’ wants, needs and preferences.

Insight communities, customer panels, and DIY research tools are your source of agile insights.

Insight Communities & DIY Tools

  • Data-driven insight communities
  • Customer panels
  • Qualtrics: quantitative research tool
  • Recollective: qualitative research tool
  • Advanced methods and analtyics
  • Full service research support

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