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Insight Communities & DIY Research Tools

Agile Insights to Guide You


In today's world, you need rapid and reliable insights to guide your decisions. For most studies, you cannot afford to wait 6-8 weeks.

You need immediate feedback. You need an insight community and DIY research tools.

Go from Data to Insight to Action

You must engage your customers to understand today's needs—and predict tomorrow's wants.

By appending customer data and integrating best-in-class research tools, you can engage the right customers with the right questions with 24x7 speed and agility.

Revolutionize Your Research

We are revolutionizing insight community research.

From big data integration to predictive analytics to best-in-class DIY research tools, there is simply no better solution on the market.

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Data-Driven Insight Communities

Tap Our Groundbreaking Use of Data


Your community research is only as strong as your data.

How strong is your data?

Data Flaws Limit Most Communities

Today, most insight community solutions suffer from massive holes in their data foundations.

This leads to incomplete or inaccurate insights, flawed recommendations, and a lack of trust.

Get Our Data-Driven Advantage

Using 15 years of experience with community and panel research, we created the  richest and most accurate customer data foundation you can buy. Our data-driven approach to community research is superior to any solution on the market.

Here are just a few ways our data-driven solution benefits you:

  • Append your customers with email addresses to improve recruiting
  • Append your customer data onto the community to generate more insights
  • Clean your data using dataTraces and merge-purge to improve research quality
  • Enhance your community with 1,800+ variables from decisionPointsTM
  • Apply predictive analytics to uncover additional insights for all your data

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Quantitative DIY Research Tool

Qualtrics: The #1 Survey Tool in the World. Integrated Directly Into Our Platform.


Our DIY research tool is used by over 8,000 brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools. Simply put, we offer the #1 survey tool in the world.

The Best Tool Made Even Better

We weren't satisfied with the #1 survey tool. So, by integrating it directly into our platform, we made the best tool even better.

Here are just a few of the enhancements we provide in our platform...

  • Branded online portal for your customers
  • Email appending
  • Data enhancement from customer and consumer files
  • dataTraces and merge-purge

Powerful Research Applications

  • Segmentation
  • Product development and pricing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
  • Ad testing
  • Website and mobile experience

Unmatched Features

  • Over 100 question types
  • Images, video and audio
  • Drag and drop ordering
  • Web services and RSS feeds
  • Randomization
  • Advanced flow logic

Omnichannel Survey Distribution

  • Email
  • SMS and mobile
  • Social
  • QR code
  • Receipt
  • Offline
  • IVR

Analyze & Share Insights

  • Cross tabulate
  • Drill down
  • Integrate with Tableau
  • Share insights via dashboards
  • Download data
  • View, edit and manage responses
  • Trigger email reports
  • Export reports

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Qualitative DIY Research Tool

The Most Engaging Tool in the World


Our qualitative platform uses the most modern and engaging tools to generate powerful insights and recommendations.

By integrating the best-in-class software into our solution, Recollective, we give you the premier qualitative research solution on the market.


  • Append extra data from decisionPoints TM
  • Engage multiple customer segments at once
  • Choose from more question and activity options than any other qualitative solution
  • Responsive design works beautifully on all devices and locations
  • Use our moderators, engage directly with participants, or both
  • Online portal for real-time data mining and reporting


  • Lowers costs and reduces time to conduct qualitative research
  • Produces powerful crowd-sourced insights and recommendations
  • Engages your insight community members better than any other platform

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Advanced Methods & Analytics

A Full Team of Marketing Research Experts by Your Side


While community-based research put a premium on speed and agility, advanced methods are often critical to your success. We offer a full array of advanced research methods and analtyics to tackle your most complex needs.


  • Advice and support to write complex questionnaires
  • Conjoint, regression, MaxDiff and many other advanced methods
  • Able to apply all advanced methods to your community studies


  • You don't have to master the advanced methods
  • We will help you design and use advanced methods when you need them
  • You have a full team of experts to support you at any time

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Full Service Marketing Research

Expert Design & Programming



  • 24/7 support on your DIY research tools
  • Turnkey custom research available for any study
  • A dedicated team of professionals committed to success


  • You have 100% confidence that your research will succeed
  • Best-in-class DIY tool AND an expert team to support you
  • You are never alone or without support. Ever.

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