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Predictive Marketing Analytics


Better Predictive Analytics.


A Predictive Platform Designed for Marketing Teams


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With the Predictive Cloud, marketers can create modeled consumer lists, targeting only those people most likely to make a purchase or respond to campaigns, greatly increasing the profitability of customer acquisition, retention and reactivation. Go here to learn more about DDG's data insights and models.

"The Predictive Platform is an invaluable resource, providing timely analytic difference to our business." - JAMES H. HERBERT II, CHAIRMAN & CEO

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Profile Current Customers
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Improve Campaign Response Rates
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Acquire Net New Customers

Access your best leads in under 5 minutes.

We identify your best prospects by using world-class, automated predictive analytics coupled with robust data enhancement,

1. Load your data

2. Instantly receive new insights on your customers

3. Identify and download your best marketing prospects



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