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Strike Gold with Funnel 

Clients have experienced a 5X increase in their response rate, while a national agency DOUBLED their premium production within just 12 months.

How? DDG sorts the “wheat from the chaff” or the “buyers from the lookers.


Funneling for Medicare Gold

Funnel is a lead generation front end that enables you to Accelerate Agent Production :

Market research

Market research: We conduct comprehensive surveys to understand opinions and intentions


Model: Each senior is meticulously scored to assess their likelihood of purchasing a specific plan

Filtering Criteria

Filtering Criteria: Funnel suppresses irrelevant prospects, including deceased persons, PO Boxes, and seniors only interested in enrolling in Part A/B.


Profiles: an be custom defined for you

  • · T65 or Age-ins
  • · Dual Eligible
  • · C-SNP
  • · Likely to buy Medicare Supplement
  • · Intend to enroll in Medicare Advantage


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