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Successful Data-Driven Medicare Marketing

We issued this high-level Executive Brief to assist Medicare marketing executives and professionals. The insights and recommendations in this brief are based on our own primary market research among Medicare Advantage members, secondary research from Kaiser Family Foundation, our proprietary consumer data, U.S. Census data and CMS data from the U.S.  government.

Here's what's included:

  • Why consumers choose Medicare Advantage when they turn 65 or turn 66

  • The best direct marketing channels and social platforms (custom audience)for seniors

  • When and why consumers enroll in and churn out of a plan

  • How to evaluate your 2019 AEP results and create your 2019-2020  roadmap

  • Key research and analytical questions you must answer for 2019-2020

  • What is required for a robust Medicare Prospect marketing database

  • How to test and optimize your omnichannel Medicare marketing

Download your copy of this executive brief today.