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Contacting the senior who needs your Medicare plan is not easy.  

As over 60 percent of the Medicare qualified do not enroll in coverage past Part A & Part B* as you have read in the October Insurancenewsnet articles.

In the spring of 2022, datadecisions Group conducted the 2022 Medicare Options Consumer Key Drivers Study*, a large nationwide study of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement alternatives among 2,324 current Medicare-qualified consumers and 64-year-olds who will become eligible soon. The margin of error for this study is approximately ± 2.0%.

To receive a free copy of the Executive Summary of the report, please submit the form on your right. 

For mailing list/custom audience counts for:

  • Likely to enroll in Medicare Advantage (each senior scored by propensity)
  • Plans to buy Medicare Supplement
  • Dual Eligible (qualified by state)
  • Age-ins
  • Moved (to another county; need new plan)

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