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Life Insurance

Using data insights for insurance marketing is the first step towards creating more engaging campaigns that allow you to correctly segment, target, and convert prospects.

Turn Prospects into Policyholders

Turn Prospects into Policyholders

Understanding if a person is qualified or seeking insurance is critical, but understanding what motivates their decisions defines the message that they perceive as relevant.  We bring all of these necessary data sets together so you know exactly which prospects have the highest probability of becoming a policyholder.

According to LIMRA, 85 percent of Millennials think they should own a policy, but 50 percent of them cannot recall being approached to purchase. The failure to present a personalized message to these Millennials is a primary cause of the lack of premium production for this generation.

Keep Up with the Competition

Knowing your competition is more than understanding what kind of policy and pricing they offer. Do you know, for instance, if they’re using both agency and direct response channels for distribution?  

In both offline and online marketing, the ability to qualify prospects is critical to market budget optimization. If you can’t score the potential mailing list or score the web registration data, you will be contacting and engaging a consumer who can not or will not buy.

It does not matter if we are discussing policyholder acquisition, premium growth, or lapse management, analytics are increasingly a requirement to be competitive. The use of predictive modeling to illustrate the outcome of a campaign prior to launch is merely one example.

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Seeking Final Expense


Seeking Term Life


Seeking Whole Life


Seeking Annuity

Industry Focus

Whatever your industry or niche, there is data-driven marketing to harness and insight to glean. Take advantage of our industry experience for stronger digital and offline marketing engagement.

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Medicare and Life Insurance

Regulations make Medicare Marketing segmentation mandatory. DDG offers Medicare segments.    Read More

70% percent of consumers are underinsured for Life Insurance.  Most have never received an offer to buy. We create  custom audiences.  Read More


Data Research & Insights

Consumer-Packaged Goods

People want to be treated as people, not just another buyer. Leverage the power of data to create personalized one-to-one messaging that speaks to your customers as individuals. Even toothpaste and shampoo have market segments.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

Ad Agency

Subscribe to our data science platform: Reach. Whether you need a new client pitch or campaign optimization results, Reach provides immediate answers. Feel as if you have a data science team at your immediate disposal.

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Use Data to Stay Top-of-Mind

People need life insurance, so market when they're ready.
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