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Marketing Research

Data-Driven Research


We are pioneering many of the industry's most innovative data-driven marketing research methods.

Data-driven marketing research is a new approach that uses multiple sources of data to increase the depth, breadth and actionability of insights.

It is achieved by appending additional data to respondent answers and using additional analytics to uncover and use the resulting insights.


  • Integrate behavioral customer data, research data, and predictive analytics
  • Marketing, innovation and communication research
  • Advanced methods and analytics


  • Combine customer and marketing research data to a get single view of your customer
  • Know which customers will behave in certain ways, when and why
  • Make insights more actionable by scoring customers and prospects

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Insight Communities

Insight Communities, Panels & DIY Research Tools


Insight communities give you the rapid and reliable research you need to succeed.


  • Data-driven insight communities and panels
  • Best-in-class DIY research tools
  • Advanced methods and analytics
  • Full service research and support


  • Real-time insights
  • More insights by integrating customer behavioral data with research data
  • Unlimited support for your DIY-based research

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Analytics & Predictive Modeling

Generate Insights to Improve Marketing


We offer a comprehensive set of predictive modeling solutions that utilize the most updated statistical modeling techniques.


  • Customer profiling
  • Univariate, multivariate and machine learning
  • Predictive analytics and scoring of customers and prospects


  • Generate insights for customer acquisition, cultivation and retention
  • Improve marketing campaign performance
  • Feed actionable insights to your cloud marketing apps
  • Turn you data assets into business performance gains

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Business Intelligence

Data + Visualization + Support


Our business intelligence services transform your data into insight you can use.


  • Database design and management
  • Design and integration of business intelligence tool
  • Dedicated support from BI analysts who know your data


  • Access your data
  • Understand your data
  • Act on your data

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