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When you market in Medicare, you are in the business of navigating through government-defined market segments. Having the power of data at hand will equip you with the necessary information to find a qualified target audience.

Executive Brief

No Stone Left Unturned in Medicare Marketing

Data is critical for Medicare marketing efforts. You need to know, for instance, if a consumer uses Medicare Part A and B and if they use Medicare Advantage or a Medicare supplement.  Considerations such as Part D, Dental, Vision, or Special Needs must be taken into account, too.

Oh, and did you measure your target market’s Federal Poverty level accurately? Simply selecting by income does not generate the correct qualification, so you’ll need help via data lists and/or data research to find the targets that match what you’re seeking.

Also, does the consumer plan to enroll at 65 or at 66 years of age? Individuals who work for large organizations might delay their coverage. Self-employed people, in contrast to corporate employees, tend to select different medigap coverage.

There are numerous factors you must consider, but all of them can be consolidated and synthesized with a data partner that understands how the industry works.

Take Advantage of Data Validation

Take Advantage of Data Validation

Knowing whether the data you have is relevant or compliant is important before you can begin your marketing campaigns. We can take your data and ensure that it’s not only up to date and accurate, but that you can market to the prospects on your list as well.

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Gain More Context Through Research

Gain More Context Through Research

So you might know who you can target in your marketing campaigns but you want to deliver a more personalized message, right? Understanding why someone would apply for Medigap coverage is as important as understanding if they’re eligible.

We help you fill the information gaps so you can respond to individuals’ pain points more effectively.


Turning 65


Plan to Buy Medicare Advantage


Plan to Buy Medicare Supplement


Plan to Buy Medicare Part D

Full-Suite Data Solutions

Not only can we give you up-to-date data, we can process and add insights to the data you already have. But that's not all; we'll help you automate your omnichannel marketing campaigns, too.

Data Lists & Data Processing Icon

Data Lists & Data Processing

Build your marketing database with lists for any industry and any dimension of information (demographics, shopping behaviors, and attitudes). Process the data you already have to ensure it's updated, relevant, and accurate.

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Data Research & Insights

Marketing Research

Take advantage of data-driven research methods, business intelligence tools, and models to get the most value out of your data and draw insights that will help you market like a ninja.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

Predictive Analytics

Whether you're marketing digitally or through offline channels, predictive analytics can improve your outcomes. The ability to understand who is responsive to your offer drives the correct messaging. 

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You Can't Market in the Dark

Know who to target and when.
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