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The field force waterfall: 41 percent of Medicare-qualified seniors rely on an agent for plan decision information. For an agent to present and close, they need a consistent flow of qualified senior consumer leads. 
DDG | Quality Lead
How is a quality lead defined? The correct person, in the correct location, at the correct time.

If your data source has inaccurate information for date of birth, mailing address, chronic illness, or financial resources OR if your data source does not measure and score consumers' intent to buy, then your agents do not get qualified leads and often abandon your sales force.

Funnel is a sales accelerator dedicated to…

  • Listing each member or policyholder plan profile available
  • Quantifying the number available in each county or Zip Code
  • Delivering those contacts to you, your agent, or your mail vendor immediately


DDG | Sales Accelerator

Senior Audiences Available:

  • T 65 or age-in

  • Moved to another county, needs different Med Advantage plan

  • SNP—meets the criteria for chronic ailment or financial aid

  • Intends to buy Med Advantage

  • Intends to buy Med Supp

  • Intends to buy Final Expense insurance

Each audience is filtered or scored to match your criteria.  In fact, when Funnel is used with Reach, you can target your best lead profile in your county.

Manage the front end of your agent’s success.