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The vast majority of Minnesotans over the age of 65 will need to change their Medicare plans once open enrollment hits in October 2018. Medicare cost plans will no longer be available, and the impact of this change is disproportionately affecting Minnesota more than any other state in the country.

As a result of this seismic shift in the Medicare market, datadecisions Group conducted a survey to obtain greater insights into consumer behavior and general awareness of these market changes. Following the research, it was clear that many Minnesotan cost plan holders are still unaware of their options as open enrollment looms in the fall.

demise-of-medicare-cost-plans-minnesotaIn this report, the result of the survey is examined and we provide invaluable data for the following:

  • Awareness of Medicare plan options in the absence of cost plans
  • The current state of market dynamics and major Medicare players
  • The primary drivers of provider choice
  • Identification of Minnesota’s MA consumers
  • The three facets of marketing implications and recommendations

We believe this data is critical for marketers interested either in this specific market or in the general Medicare space.

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