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Consumer Data & Lists

decisionPoints TM


decisionPointsTM includes data on 273 million individuals that is current, complete and accurate.

Choose from 10 data dimensions collected from hundreds of local, regional, national, and international sources, and compiled through our proprietary hygiene and aggregation rules.


  • Improve customer acquisition with over 100 proprietary propensity models.
  • The most comprehensive Daily New Mover File
  • Industry Selects : retail, financial, insurance, telco, not-profit, publishing, auto, and tech
  • The most responsive national dataset on the market


  • Optimize mailing lists for acquisition efforts
  • Enhance customer files for segmentation
  • Reverse look-up to facilitate customer outreach
  • Helps you stop marketing to the "average" consumer by enabling precise targeting of high-value prospects and the appropriate, relevant message for them

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Data Services

dataTraces & Merge-Purge


Your analytics and marketing are only as good as your data.

Inaccurate data prevents relevant communication and lowers the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to use best practices and advanced data processing solutions to optimize their data for analytics and marketing.

Studies prove that many addresses are incorrect because:

  • The assumed resident moved or died
  • The address is not a deliverable postal address
  • The address is incomplete or duplicated with another customer

To solve these challenges, dataDecisions offers the most comprehensive and accurate suite of data services, including data audits, dataTraces, and merge-purge.


  • Pinning
  • Coding accuracy support system (CASS) 
  • USPS national change of address (NCOA) 48 months 
  • Privately sourced change of address (PCOA)
  • Deceased processing


  • More accurate and actionable analytics
  • More accurate data integration 
  • Lower costs
  • Lessen negative customer sentiments
  • Eliminate moves, duplicates and deceased

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Marketing Database & decisionCenter


Our databases serve as the foundation for your marketing and analytics.

They can provide a single view of your customer’s journey. They can support all customer and marketing activity across all channels and products.

Our flexible database structure incorporates customer data from any source, and is future proof and scalable.

Proprietary customer pinning and industry-leading data hygiene services are built directly into the database update processes. As a result, we continuously clean your data to help optimize your analytics and real-time marketing.


  • Real time ETLs
  • Single database for omnichannel campaign management and business intelligence
  • Single database for point solutions and cloud marketing apps
  • Clean and reliable data for advanced analytics


  • Supports marketing and/or analytical sandbox needs
  • Scales up as you need more capacity
  • Takes advantage of all relevant data sources and analytics

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