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10 Reasons To Visit New Orleans


“If there was no New Orleans, America would just be a bunch of free people dying of boredom.” – Judy Deck.

There is something for everyone in New Orleans - a place where centuries-old architecture is the backdrop for all ventures.

You’ve probably heard of New Orleans, and it may have already crossed your mind to go there, but you’d be crazy not to make it one of your bucket list “must visit” cities. Keep reading to discover the best of New Orleans.

October is a wonderful time to visit—the temperature will be a high of 85 and a low of 65, and the Direct Marketing Association will host their annual &Then conference in New Orleans where the focus will be the event will be data and marketing mastery.  We will be there to learn and network.

We encourage you to visit with us to discuss the latest trends in data driven marketing.


  1. Jackson Square /St. Louis Cathedral

One of New Orleans’ national historic landmarks, Jackson Square is a famous park in the French Quarter of the city. Put Jackson Square high on your places to visit in the Big Easy! The architecture of surrounding buildings is exquisite, and the serenity of the park is sublime.

St. Louis Cathedral is the center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, and is one of the most stunning buildings in the entire city. It’s historic, and the feeling around the building is one of respectful majesty. Most tourists recognize the triple spires of St Louis Cathedral as the main symbol of the French Quarter. The Cathedral overlooks Jackson Square, and is even rumored to be haunted…


  1. New Orleans is one big stage

It is said that in New Orleans, music echoes from every corner. The city is the birthplace of jazz and a mecca for gospel, R&B and ultimately, the rock and pop many love today. Musical magic is alive on the streets and in the clubs of New Orleans. Witness an impromptu live performance on Royal Street, experience unbelievable live musical performances from intimate venues on Frenchmen Street to places like the Smoothie King Center.

 New Orleans is one big stage.jpg


Centuries-old oak trees, sculptures, bridges, and the beautiful tranquility of nature all combine for a experience most big cities can’t provide. But it’s not just a park! There is an amusement park, a botanical garden, the museum of art, golf courses, horse stables, and bikes and boats to rent. New Orleans City Park offers something for everyone and is a must-see for visitors to the city. It really should be called the anti-boredom park!



Old New Orleans at its finest, the city’s French cultural influence is prominent, and the French Quarter is obviously the crowning jewel. The Quarter entices millions of visitors each year. It’s the oldest part of the city, with some of the buildings even dating back to the Louisiana Purchase! The French Quarter is actually protected from demolition due to its historical significance. Almost all of the major hot spots of New Orleans are found there, so make sure it’s top of your places to see.

 new orleans french quarter.jpeg

  1. National World War II Museum

There are numerous museums and memorials all over the world dedicated to the historical significance of WWII. The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is one of America’s best, and is the focal point of American WWII historical remembrance. The museum is home to countless artefacts, vehicles, aircraft and, of course, a sobering and respectful wealth of information about one of the most significant and tragic events in world history.

World War II.jpg

  1. Cocktails and brews

In New Orleans, a great drink is just as important as a great meal. New Orleans' signature drinks are almost as famous as the nightlife bars and hot spots that make them. Check out this list for a list of New Orleans cocktails and where to enjoy a Sazerac, Hurricane or French 75.  There are even cocktail walking tours which tell you the history of the city while you taste some of these classics, and you can even bring your drink from one bar to the next in a “cup to go”.


  1. The city is a culinary adventure

Mark Twain said, “New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.” It’s true, and the city’s seafood is particularly to die for! In a city with more than 1,400 restaurants to choose from, New Orleans offers a variety of cuisines. From foodie festivals, street food, cooking schools and restaurants galore, there are endless options available that are sure to take taste buds on a culinary adventure. Local chefs and restaurants are constantly evolving, using local and seasonal ingredients that reflect the uniquely diverse culture of New Orleans. There are incredible seafood markets all over the place, and the restaurants all have various specialties and twists on classic oceanic dishes. Shrimp gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, pretty much anything your heart desires is right on your doorstep, and the quality is outstanding.




In the heart of New Orleans and a major tourist attraction. Bourbon Street is the historical road that runs through the heart of the French Quarter. The street is often awash with color during Mardi Gras. It’s full of clubs, restaurants, bars and vibrant entertainment, and acts as the spiritual home of New Orleans culture.



The banks of the famous Mississippi River are home to the massive Aquarium of the Americas, which houses approximately 10,000 marine animals! Visiting the aquarium is the best way to get an up close look at sharks, turtles, fish, seahorses and more, without having to get your dive certification! Education meets curiosity and science in this popular New Orleans landmark.



By now I’m sure you’ve noticed a French theme to large parts of the city. The French culture in New Orleans is part of its DNA, and there’s perhaps no better example of that than the historic French Market. Music, food, shopping and, of course, a fantastic farmers' market are waiting for you along the banks of the river.


 New Orleans is the perfect gateway to the rest of Louisiana and the Deep South, where visitors can enjoy beautiful state parks, a plethora of historic sites, take airboats tours in the bayous, and get a closer taste of the Cajun culture, and so much more.

Come: eat, drink and be merry with us!



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