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How to Keep an Online Consumer Panel Fresh, Active, and Happy

So you’ve built your custom online panel. Now, how can you make sure the resource is being used effectively? Your consumer panel functions as an extension of your brand and needs to be cared for, like any other valued resource. The most important thing to remember about your custom panel is that it is comprised of people.  They are your customers first and foremost, so it is extremely important for it to be carefully and actively maintained, without being overused.  In addition to managing the frequency of survey invitations, there are a number of other key areas that require focus and attention.

What It Means that Google Has Entered the Market Research Arena

Google’s announcement and launch this week of a market research offering has had the market research and technology industries buzzing. And understandably so. As this article from the GreenBook blog points out, the world’s biggest search engine company already has access to millions of consumer data points (thanks to Gmail and Android phones), and now they are going to ask those millions of users and their friends about their shopping, product, and marketing preferences one question at a time.

Branded Versus Blind Online Communities

The focus group (online or in person) is a tried-and-true method for gleaning qualitative insight from a subset of your target audience.  One of the most attractive benefits of the focus group is the presence of a trained moderator, who can direct and manage conversations so as to target specific questions in order to obtain the results that you are looking for.

Identity Crisis: Preventing Fraud on Your Custom Panel

Panelist X is an African American male in his early 30’s living in Seattle, Washington. He works part time while attending graduate school and is married with a young child. His hobbies include reading, racquetball, and doing work around the house.

Customer Panel Best Practices: 4 Questions to Ask Before Refreshing

Conducting a refresh on your custom research panel is kind of like dragging your fall clothes out of the attic in October.  Ideally, everything you carefully put into place in the spring still fits, but in all likelihood, a few things are going to go to the thrift store and you’ll have to make a trip to the mall for new sweaters.