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Want to learn how you can translate incredible data list information into killer marketing campaigns? Want to better understand how data research and models can enhance the data you already have?

Concept Testing

Here are 3 things to know.

  • 2 min read
  • Jul 14, 2020 4:26:28 AM

Concept Testing in an Insight Community: A Bigger Picture

In the 2013 GRIT report, online insight communities sat at the top of the list for emerging technologies that market research clients actually want to use, beating out mobile surveys, social media mining, and text analytics for the honor. (A summary of this is illustrated nicely in an infographic.)

Picking a Winner: Advanced Modeling for Concept Tests

There are many ways to predict which of several concepts will “win” in a retail environment.  In another blog, I describe some of the methods we employ to conduct a best-practice experimental design for testing concepts, packaging options, advertising copy, or anything else where several discrete choices exist. 

  • 11 min read
  • Oct 31, 2012 11:19:00 AM

3 Strategies to Grow Your Business and Have Your Cookie Too

The relationship between your business, your research, and your consumers is like an Oreo cookie. Your business is the face of the Oreo, with the logo that makes it distinct and recognizable as a top-notch snack. Your consumers are the bottom cookie, supporting your business, making the whole package sweeter and easier to handle. 

Action Standards and Benchmarks for Better Results

As we discussed in part 1 in this blog series (Market Research ROI: 5 Questions to Make Your MR Pay Off), market research, like any investment in information, should demonstrate a clear return on investment (ROI).  

Business Design Goes Social: Mining Consumer Sentiment

Have you ever Googled your own company? You likely found variety of information—and whether you’re the SEO specialist or not, it’s good to know what people say about you or your business.

Tips to Pump Up Your Brainstorming and Concept Testing Sessions

Every day in offices and cyber-meetings all across the world, product management teams and innovation gurus are brainstorming new ideas for products and services. But how effective are their brainstorming efforts? And how many of their new concepts really succeed in the real marketplace?

5 MR Fundamentals For Superior Product & Concept Testing

Concept testing is nearly always part of a new product launch initiative—an important part, to be sure—but not the end all be all. When done correctly, product or concept testing can provide incredibly helpful insights into what your customers want.  Proper testing can anticipate what customers are likely to purchase, whether it happens to be some version of the new product or the same old one in a new, shiny wrapper.  Concept testing is a foundation that you can build on with the rest of the product development you’re doing. Here are five fundamentals to keep in mind when you next embark on product and concept testing research.

  • 5 min read
  • Sep 22, 2011 11:55:00 AM

5 Market Research Tips for a Double-Dip Recession

How to grow and profit during another economic downturn Recessionary times are tumultuous times. Change abounds. Brands disappear. Consumers awaken to new patterns of thinking and buying. As a result, the market-aware, research-driven companies are best positioned to take advantage of the chaos and change.