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The Top 3 questions on the mind of this American Entrepreneur


The Top 3 questions on the mind of this American Entrepreneur

Now that President Trump has declared a continuation of social distancing until April 30, my planning period is months not weeks.

  1. How can I survive? The severe disruption in business is producing an immediate cash flow crisis for most small businesses.
  2. How can I help? Small business leaders are extremely concerned about their employees and their community.
  3. Will I contract Covid 19? As I am over 65, I have been classified as a member of the “high risk” group.

I am exploring the Payroll Protection Program for Data Decisions Group.   As this is a new program, I am not sure if we qualify.   But if last week is a clear indication then our cash flow has been severely disrupted.  Thus, I need to take actions to increase our capital and debt and reduce discretionary expenses.

The rapid spread of this virus and the media coverage caused most of us to immediately seek to protect ourselves, our families, our employees and customers.

Now that shock has worn off, I am asking myself:  how can we help others?  Certainly, we can donate time and money.  We can offer to supply food or healthcare articles and blood.

But, what else?  Should we be using our business knowledge to assist those in need?  For example:  we use video conferencing daily?  Can we teach seniors who are stranded at home how to engage in this style of communication and inform them of their Telemedicine options? 

Data Decisions Group works with many marketers who service the over 65 year- old market.  Our national consumer data set, DecisionPoints, reveals these numbers:    

Total population 65-95 years old                            51,122,488

Population with one ailment                                     15,742,101

Populations with Respiratory condition                    4,092,771

How can we keep them healthy?   How can we alleviate some of their stress?

Our industry publishes reams on identity resolution and personalized communication.  I hope we are using our skill sets to extend a hand to our fellow citizens.

If we can help you reach out to those in need, please contact us.  We hope we can use our resources to heal our country.  It is a time for Big ideas and Big hearts.


CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Mike Hail
Mike Hail
Mike Hail serves as CEO of Data Decisions Group. Previously, he has been CEO, Web Decisions Group, CEO, Yankelovich, CEO, Knowledgebase Marketing. With 41 years of marketing experience on both sides of the desk, Mike acts as the professional listener and interpreter for our client engagements. He focuses on the data and analytical aspects of our solutions.