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State of Media 2020—Trends to Watch

During the ANA Masters of Marketing week, Charlie Chappell, Head of Integrated Media and Comms Planning for the The Hershey Company, spoke on this topic.

His presentation was delightful.   He started with: “Yes, my name is Charlie and I do work in a Chocolate Factory”.   LOL.

I will not strive to restate his presentation.  But, here are 3 items that struck me as helpful:

  1. Due to Hershey’s extremely broad candy offerings, his team must not only define each target market for a specific candy but they must remember that they are serving a mass market. Charlie's clarified this statement by A.  noting that young men were not watching traditional media.  Thus, Hershey might seek to address the Gaming audience where the young men are present   B. In addition, Hershey will employ network and cable TV, streaming media, social media to reach the whole audience.  Often, we get laser focused on either mass or target and do not consider the total market.
  2. In newer media platforms, many of the business rules that were standard and thus assumed to exist, do not exist. In streaming media, Hershey discovered that their ads were being shown multiple times per hour to the same person.  There was no limit on the number of impressions.
  3. In social media, Charlie noted that he asked “did he have any concern about his ad being positioned next to offensive materials (content that did not match the Hershey image). Thus, he was not using some platforms that have rapidly growing user bases.

Charlie demonstrated that he was worthy of the Keys to the Factory.