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Purchase Propensity List - Likely to Buy Burial Insurance

Purchase Propensity List - Likely to Buy Burial Insurance

How targeted are your life insurance marketing campaigns? Are they taking all life events into consideration or are they taking all insurance products into account?

Improving your targeting or better understanding your audience could yield more impressive marketing campaign performance in the long run. Burial insurance is one such product that has a significantly large audience worth learning more about if you're a life insurance company.

For life insurance marketers to succeed, they must precisely target their best prospects, which generally includes those going through major life events. This includes marriage, birth, deaths in the family, retirement, and more.

Did you know that there are 2,689,379 consumers who are highly likely to buy burial insurance in the next 12 months? That's a huge audience that's untapped if you're not tailoring your message correctly and creating the lists you need to reach the right people.

If you're looking for a better way to create your target audiences for different life insurance campaigns, let us help you out. We combine field research and existing data lists to identify your target audience so that you can market more effectively. To learn more, you can request more info about our processes below. From predictive analytics through the Reach platform to primary market research, we can give you a multi-pronged approach to setting up your marketing campaign for success.

Purchase Propensity List - Likely to Buy Burial Insurance

These are real marketing counts that were generated using DecisionPoints, our consumer data and list solution. They are available as prospect lists and/or for customer data enhancement.  

To learn more about these or any other consumer data and list solutions, simply click the button below to request time with one of our consumer data experts ("data gurus").

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David W. Wilson
David W. Wilson
David W. Wilson

David Wilson has over 25 years of experience helping leading companies improve their marketing results using digital marketing, direct marketing, database marketing, consumer data, predictive analytics and marketing research.