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New Marketing Realities: The intersection of technology and culture

On the first day of ANA Masters of Marketing Week, Neal Arthur, Managing Director

Wieden + Kennedy presented: New Marketing Realities: The intersection of technology and culture.

Neal gave an enthusiastic performance and I encourage you to attend any session that he decides to offer.    I will not attempt to summarize his comments but instead will offer only my opinion on two items.

I wholeheartedly agree with:

Neal stated that he felt that advertising should have a Point of View.   His example was the Nike commercials featuring Colin Kaepernick.   Now it is easy to simply reflect on the success of that ad series and fail to consider why it succeeded.   Did it represent Nike’s brand in an authentic manner?   Who is the audience that will connect with that message?

Today, too often, we take the middle of the road in an effort to serve all and not offend any.  The results are mediocre as another speaker at the ANA event noted.  As our message does not represent our brand or our customers.

I disagree with:

When asked if Wieden + Kennedy used market research to establish the advertising messaging he stated no.  It was “Gut” method.

My mentor used the “Leroy Jethro Gibbs Gut” method also.   But, in the fragmented audience culture where I apply my professional skills, I have found that I rely on effective market research to understand my audience and what is driving their reactions to my marketing.

Now, to be absolutely transparent, my audiences are very targeted as I am normally spending more budget on direct to consumer as opposed to a message to the mass market.

I attended the ANA Masters Of Marketing event to listen and learn.  For as Rashid Tobaccowala, Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe noted, if you wish to be relevant/effective you need to learn something new every day.    And I wholeheartedly agree with him.  

Mike Hail
Mike Hail
Mike Hail serves as CEO of Data Decisions Group. Previously, he has been CEO, Web Decisions Group, CEO, Yankelovich, CEO, Knowledgebase Marketing. With 38 years of marketing experience on both sides of the desk, Mike acts as the professional listener and interpreter for our client engagements. He focuses on the data and analytical aspects of our solutions.