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Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit 2020

Medicare is a complicated subject.  We, at datadecisions Group, are always looking for an opportunity to discuss the complexities of Medicare Marketing and Sales. We look forward to hearing feedback from Rise: The Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit 2020 in Las Vegas, February 25-26,2020 .

Top Ten Reason for participating:

  1. Explore the revised CMS requirements for Medicare Advantage plan digital marketing, direct mail, call centers, and more to take full advantage of new opportunities for your sales and marketing efforts
  2. Hear firsthand from Medicare companies about combating the ever-complicated Medicaid requalifying process.
  3. Discuss tried-and-true strategies from the dedicated marketing innovators to build a succinct sales process, while simultaneously, strengthening marketing initiatives for rural populations.
  4. Learn how the implementation of market research can communicate member behavior to help change engagement, motivate members, and identify knowledge gaps.
  5. Investigate what your organization’s current approach to age-ins might be leaving on the table. Explore where your company can increase market penetration through understanding CMS data.  Use this information to improve future results for your organization.
  6. Improve sales with a year-round approach by understanding how age-ins think about approaching Medicare, also by understanding retirement age is also impacting seniors Medicare decisions.
  7. Understand the latest information on OEP results to help develop an effective plan to reduce switching in 2021.
  8. Prepare your plan for the potentially significant impacts of the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections on Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  9. Network with some of the brightest in Medicare marketing and sales.
  10. Cut through the noise and learn how to design fresh marketing and sales strategies that get results.
  11. What are your critical “need to knows” in Medicare marketing? We would appreciate you sharing them with us.