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Medicare Cost Plans disappear in 2019

Medicare Cost Plans disappear in 2019

Will consumers buy new coverage or go without benefits?

Dallas, TX — DatadecisionsGroup conducted a survey of Medicare-eligible consumers in Minnesota regarding their knowledge of and plans for coverage in 2019.

Beginning in 2019, when open enrollment hits in October 2018, seniors in the state who want to pay for Medicare gap coverage will have to choose from a variety of plans, much like they do today. The difference is that most Medicare cost plans will no longer be an option, which means that 350,000 Minnesotans — more than 40% of the Medicare-age population in the state — will need to change their coverage.

The study titled “Minnesota’s Medicare Gold Rush” measured:

  • Awareness of the change
  • Choice drivers
  • Consideration set of providers

If you’re interested in learning about what the consumers stated, recommended marketing actions, and the potential learnings for all Medicare marketing organizations, contact DDG about Gold Rush. The study is available for sale independently or as part of a data usage bundle.

About datadecisionsGroup:

datadecisionsGroup is a data driven marketing service firm based on the voice of the consumer.  The solicitation of consumer input via market research defines our custom audiences — Medicare advantage, Medicare supplement, Part D, and Dental.  Other services include data hygiene for data integration, analytics for description and prediction, and omnichannel platforms with real-time functionality. www.datadecisionsgroup.com  


Whitney Hamilton, Marketing Communications 



Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton is the Marketing Communications Manager at Data Decisions Group. Her expertise includes the mining of consumer facts and data from DecisionPoints, our national consumer data and list solution.