Three Steps to Medicare Marketing Success During AEP 2017


Three Steps to Better Medicare Marketing - Countdown to AEP 2017 
What often happens during the hectic period known to health care marketers as open enrollment (or AEP) is intense focus on perfection of the marketing materials.

These include letters, postcards, brochures, digital ads, booklets, emails and television spots. But creative is only one piece of the puzzle.

It’s equally important to solidify what must take place behind the scenes: collaboration and follow-through.

As marketers, we know that a sound strategy can sometimes veer off course if the proper campaign support falls through the cracks.

At Data Decisions Group, we have deep experience with Medicare marketing. We’ve been through dozens of AEPs with our clients.

Here are three steps you must take to bolster your results as you prepare for this year’s enrollment during AEP 2017.

1 Create and Maintain a True Marketing Database

Without a sound database as your foundation, it's impossible to generate reliable analytics and high-performing cloud marketing applications. If you want to know who your members are, then you must collect as many relevant details as possible so you can begin to understand how to target and influence your best prospects.

With a richly populated database you will be able to understand:

  • Your cost to generate a lead (cost per lead)
  • Cost per sale
  • Conversion ratios – inquiries to sales
  • Member trends and habits
  • Your typical member location
  • Your typical member demographics
  • Your typical member lifestyles

2 Optimize Your Medicare Analytics

Analytics give you the power to understand your Medicare members and prospects so you can dramatically improve your results. Once you understand your data and can predict future buying propensities and preferences, you become empowered to successfully acquire, grow, and retain your best members.

Why do you need Medicare marketing analytics?

  • To predict likely response and purchase
  • To predict preferences for certain plans, features, benefits and messages
  • To measure and track your results across time
  • To understand your visitors, leads and prospects
  • To understand, track and improve visitor-to-member conversion

3 Clean Your Medicare Marketing Data

To get the best results from your marketing databases and analytics you must start with good data quality. Incomplete and inaccurate data leads to errors in your analytics and cost overruns in your direct marketing. These combine to significantly reduce your ROI. According to the 40-40-20 rule of direct marketing, 40% percent of your success depends on your audience (or list).

This means you must have a highly targeted audience that you can effectively and efficiently reach.

For example, we know that constant change is a part of your prospects' lives. Every day people move, get married and die. Are you or your data vendors correcting those changes? What is your process for cleaning your data (data hygiene)?

Are you detecting the common errors that negatively impact your Medicare marketing results?

  • Name change
  • Move
  • Typos
  • Deceased
  • Duplicates

Final Thoughts About Your AEP 2017 Success

October 15, 2017 comes quickly. You must act now to develop a true marketing database, clean and enhance your member and prospect data, and apply the right analytics.

By following the steps outlined above, you will be on your way to better results during AEP 2017. You will  improve your open enrollment campaigns. Best of luck this year. As always, reach out to us if you have questions about your Medicare marketing needs and our solutions.

Our Medicare Marketing Experts know what worked in 2016. They also know the emerging strategies that are most promising for 2017.

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About The Author

Mike Hail serves as CEO of Data Decisions Group. Previously, he has been CEO, Web Decisions Group, CEO, Yankelovich, CEO, Knowledgebase Marketing. With 38 years of marketing experience on both sides of the desk, Mike acts as the professional listener and interpreter for our client engagements. He focuses on the data and analytical aspects of our solutions.