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Medicare AEP is coming, October 15, 2019

On July 1, you will have 106 days to prepare your campaigns for AEP.

Many of our clients and friends in the industry view the turning 65 and over 65 audience as a homogenous group during AEP.

Market research and analytics tend to present a different view:

  • 20 percent of the seniors qualify for Medicaid assistance
  • 33 percent enjoy either employer or union sponsored benefits
  • 23 percent decide to rely on Medicare A & B solely

Thus approximately 24 percent of the senior audience is actively looking for a Medigap plan.

Can you identify the different groups in this “looking to buy” audience:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Part D
  • Supplemental dental, vision

At DDG, we have the consumers scored into these separate interests.  The scores are calculated based on the answers to surveys and the overall consumer dataset.  The increase in response to communication for a specific plan when you use these separate groups is stunning.

Even the turning 65 audience is becoming less homogenous.  Deft Research just released their 2019 Medicare Age in Study that demonstrates a 20 percent decline in enrollment during initial enrollment period.  Seniors are working until they qualify for their full Social Security benefits, Age 66.   Here is one Slide from their study -


In 2020, 64 million Americans will qualify for Medicare.  In 2030, maybe 80 million unless Congress alters the Medicare qualification to match the Social Security program (being discussed as a method to manage the budget).

But, this large audience is not “One, Big, Happy family”.  So, the debate over how to adjust Medicare will be vigorous if not uncivil.

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