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How is Your Medicare Marketing Performing?


How is your Medicare marketing performing?  

If you are like most Medicare marketers, you are probably doing fine.   The basis for the way you feel – your average response rate.   Living off of an average creates a glass ceiling in terms of marketing optimization.   Think about it, if your average response rate is 1%, some people are not responding at all and some are responding at 2%.  Let’s talk about ways to change the average by eliminating monies being spent on those 65 plus year olds that will not buy – Group Retirees, Medicaid, Retired Military and more.

The question in how?  The answer is what all of you have been reading about – big data.  Not only do you need big data, you need relevant data.   At Data Decisions Group we have over 100 data elements that speak to this audience plus thousands of additional fields that can be used to improve your marketing outcomes.

Have you ever wondered why we spend the same marketing dollars on leads that result in only one new member versus leads that result in two or more? 

Have you ever explored driving segmentation by creating new variables from existing variables that are more predictive?  Would per capita income be more predictive than the classic household income?  Does home value divided by income actually measure savings?

We need to talk.   Our most recent data analysis for Medicare Lead Generation beat the control piece for a top 5 healthcare organization by 30%.   What would a 30% decrease in acquisition costs mean to your organization?

David Schneider
David Schneider
David Schneider

David serves as Data Decision Group's Executive Vice President of Business Development.

-Graduate – Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business in 1988.
-Started career in Direct Marketing in 1989.
-Founder of KnowledgeBase Marketing's Insurance & Healthcare practice.
-Expert in data procurement, data compilation, data hygiene and data analytics.
-Expertise includes data application in complex client database solutions to drive down the cost of leads and sales.
-Hyper orientation (O.C.D.) with regard to client service.
-Driven by client return on investment.
-Extensive industry experience helping some of nation’s largest marketers in the U.S. with a focus on insurance, healthcare and retail/catalog.
-Existing clients span all industries.