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datadecisions Group Acquires "Reach" the Platform

Mike, why did DDG acquire the “Reach Platform”?

“The simple is answer is to offer our clients the speed, convenience and 24/7 availability to access and use smart data for better decisions. 

I have been desperately searching for an analytical solution for our customer acquisition campaigns.

It is frustrating to have the data, the hygiene, integration processes and custom analytics but then to realize it takes 6-8 weeks to get a predictive decision.”

Mike, what other analytical solutions did you consider?

“There are many choices in the machine learning arena.  But as a recent New York Times article noted, these systems do not explain their outcomes, so the marketer cannot glean immediate marketing insights.

Our clients need a clear description of the key predictors that drive their desired behavior plus a complete profile of customers and prospective customers so that marketing messages can be synced with the analytics.  The black box approach does not work for our marketing applications.”

Bruno, can you briefly explain the difference in the Reach platform?

Certainly, a target audience for customer acquisition is done reliably and accurately in a few minutes. The traditional data scientist would require days or weeks of work.

As the task list is quite long:  Cleansing of customer data, appending 3rd party data, encoding variables, creating an AI model and generating meaningful reports.

The Reach Predictive cloud allows you to achieve this ‘end to end process’ in a completely automated way. To my knowledge, no other company in the world has been able to achieve this at this stage.

The secret behind it, is to leverage very sophisticated Machine Learning systems based on Non-linear encoding and Monte Carlo with Linear systems and combining that with smart data cleansing approach.

Bruno, what does that mean for the customer?

Well, the beauty of our sophisticated Machine Learning platform is that it enables us to provide a concise profile of the audience  (demographic, socio economic and psychographic); map visually where customers (individual or household) are located; estimate the Total Addressable market and identify the right target audience using thousands of values for accuracy

The marketer can concentrate on: a. understanding their audience and b. defining the best possible campaign to maximize their ROI.  Or in the vernacular you can nail down who the best prospects are.

Additionally, univariate profiles display a more global understanding of the audience in that same few minutes.  A display is generated for:

  • Demographics                                                              
  • Buying patterns
  • Finance                                                                           
  • Donations
  • Lifestyle,                                                                        
  • Assets, Neighborhood characteristics.                   
  • Model overview/insights with a lift chart

Our clients find that the “Reach platform” description validates their marketing sense and the quantitative methodology produces accurate predictions. 

Thus, the client can trust the math and just execute their campaigns with confidence.

Finally, the application immediately displays the next best prospect audience in our client’s marketing geography and allows them to immediately receive a contact list for their campaign.

And our free demos and beta tests certainly promote their risk- free experience.

If I may add, these functionalities are fully available in the cloud as a self-service but our team of Data Scientist is also able to build hand crafted models for other marketing use cases or non-marketing use cases whether these are nested models, segmentation/clustering or classical classification and regression models

Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton is the Marketing Communications Manager at Data Decisions Group. Her expertise includes the mining of consumer facts and data from DecisionPoints, our national consumer data and list solution.