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Data Decisions Group announces mortgagePoints

mortgagePoints informs you when your customer is searching for another mortgage loan.

June 12, 2017, Alpharetta, GA – Data Decisions Group, LLC (http://www.datadecisionsgroup.com) announced the release of mortgagePoints it enables consumer facing firms to utilize “just in time marketing.”

The previous customers are installed into a monitoring system that immediately alerts the mortgage firm that a past customer has listed their home for sale.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau* has noted that “customers do not actually shop for their mortgages; in fact, they may not even call their previous lending group”.

Tech Hartness states, “Imagine being able to contact your previous customer at the exact moment they need you.  Since you have an existing relationship with the consumer and you are reaching out in a timely manner, you will enjoy higher close rates.”

mortgagePoints will trigger an email to you the first time a “For Sale” listing is issued.  The “in market for a mortgage” consumer will be thrilled by the convenience of your contact to provide all the necessary support for their new mortgage. 

Higher customer satisfaction and more mortgages closed are the goals of mortgagePoints.

* January 13, 2015

About Data Decisions Group

Data Decisions Group provides data, insight, and action services that enable a consumer-first approach to direct marketing across all channels (offline, online, mobile, digital and social). The result is greater consumer engagement and optimal marketing ROI. Our core services include data hygiene, consumer data enhancement and appending, consumer lists, predictive analytics, marketing research, marketing databases, custom audiences across all social and digital channels, and omnichannel campaign management.

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Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton is the Marketing Communications Manager at Data Decisions Group. Her expertise includes the mining of consumer facts and data from DecisionPoints, our national consumer data and list solution.