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Data Decisions Group Announces dataFaces

Product to Create Better Facebook Custom Audiences

Innovative Use of Consumer Data and Propensity Modeling Produces Higher Match Rates and Better Marketing Results for Facebook Campaigns

DALLAS, Texas--Today Data Decisions Group, a data-driven marketing services provider, announced a new product for creating high-performance Custom Audiences on Facebook’. Through the use of consumer data and advanced propensity modeling, these Facebook custom audiences achieve much higher match rates, response rates, and purchase rates. (Through the use of consumer data and advanced propensity modeling, we target Facebook custom audiences in order to achieve much higher match rates, response rates, and purchase rates.  

“It is very satisfying to help our advertisers and direct marketing clients extend their success into the Facebook platform using our consumer data and analytics,” said Mike Hail, CEO of Data Decisions Group. “With dataFacesTM, we are making it easy for companies to achieve superior marketing results from yet another important canal in their omnichannel mix, Facebook.”

At its core, this product combines millions of consumer surveys, hundreds of consumer data elements, advanced predictive analytics, and the most accurate and complete data for matching. As a result, Data Decisions Group helps companies take full advantage of Facebook’s new Advanced Matching Options for Custom Audiences, while adding predictive analytics for targeting and consumer data for messaging. This unique solution yields the largest and most responsive Facebook Custom Audiences on the market. In addition, these high-performance custom audiences are further leveraged inside of Facebook using algorithms to create even larger Lookalike Audiences.

“With dataFacesTM, advertisers and direct marketers (our clients) can quickly and easily build a very large, targeted, and effective social marketing campaign inside of Facebook,” said David Schneider, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Data Decisions Group. “This is a product that is critical (essential) to our clients’ ability to successfully use data and analytics in an omnichannel environment.”

About Data Decisions Group

Data Decisions Group is an enterprise data, analytics and marketing services provider that helps direct marketing companies achieve superior results. For over 40 years, the leaders at Data Decisions Group have pioneered the use of data, predictive analytics, and omnichannel direct marketing actions. With our help, Data Decisions Group clients use advanced, data-driven products and services to maximize customer acquisition, growth and retention. For more information about Data Decisions Group, visit www.DataDecisionsGroup.com.

Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton is the Marketing Communications Manager at Data Decisions Group. Her expertise includes the mining of consumer facts and data from DecisionPoints, our national consumer data and list solution.