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Birthdays and Marketing for Medicare

In 1984, I begin supporting a direct response effort by JCPenney Life Insurance.  The primary cash cow policy was “Birthday Life”.   The consumer message was very clear; if you do not buy before this date, your premiums will be higher.  Thus, it was critical to have the date of birth (and gender) for each individual.

My specific job was to compile consumer records with a birthday (DOB) as I had experience using public information to support the “Get Out the Vote” for President Jimmy Carter.  We had collected a wide range of public records—drivers' licenses, voter registrations.  I initiated a similar effort for JC Penney.

I was reminded of this effort when Idaho issued, rule IDAPA 18.04.10, effective after February 28, 2022, which permits Medicare Supplement policyholders to change their insurance plan annually regardless of health conditions during a 63-day enrollment period beginning on the policyholder’s birthday.  Several other states have also issued a similar ruling; I think it is a very wise action by these regulators—the consumer can correct a poor decision or match a new life situation.

Insurance marketers should ensure that they have the necessary data points to offer the right message at the right time.  Not only should you possess a DOB but it needs to be accurate. 

I continue to be amazed at the number of data providers who state they offer exact age but who deliver inexact age—totally wrong age.

I offer this humble advice, if you need accurate date of birth data, contact us, Data Decisions Group.   Our decades of experience at aggregating and performing quality control on consumer data makes a real difference.