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Electric Utilities: Improve Customer Satisfaction Using PQR Simulators

FGI Research and Chartwell release new power quality and reliability (PQR) satisfaction simulator

When it comes to electric utility companies, customer satisfaction is an extremely high priority. In many circles, the satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power are the coin of the realm for electric utilities and their regional “competitors.”

And when it comes to customer satisfaction, power quality and reliability (PQR) is a key driver for any electric utility. In response to tremendous demand for more insights and actions that directly improve customer satisfaction ratings, FGI Research and Chartwell have created the PQR Satisfaction Simulator™.

PQR Satisfaction Simulator™ released at the Outage Communications Summit

Just released by FGI Research at Chartwell’s Outage Communications Summit in San Diego (on November 16, 2011) and made available to the general public, the PQR Satisfaction Simulator™ predicts the impact on customer satisfaction after a power outage.

Specifically, electric utility companies are able to determine which actions (before, during, or after an outage) have the greatest positive impact on customer satisfaction scores (based on feedback from consumers across the United States). 

Used correctly, the simulator helps electric utilities prioritize their investments and outage communications strategies to improve their customers lives and their satisfaction scores.

As Dino Fire, director of marketing science at FGI Research, mentioned in his presentation at the Outage Communications Summit, the PQR Satisfaction Simulator™ was built using survey data collected in October 2011. The simulator’s predictive algorithms are powered by this conjoint study of 3,228 electric utility consumers in the United States.

How to use the PQR Satisfaction Simulator™ to improve satisfaction

While there are many ways to benefit from the simulator, here are some immediate actions that electric utilities can take:

  1. Access the PQR Satisfaction Simulator.
  2. Test a variety of scenarios: test different scenarios and record the net impact of each one on the final satisfaction scores.
  3. Identify your optimal strategy: highlight the combinations of actions that are possible for you and that yield the best results.

Because this version of the PQR Satisfaction Simulator™ is based on results from a broad cross-section of U.S. power consumers, it is meant to provide users with directional information and general strategic recommendations.

In order to build more precise outage communications strategies that will maximize your individual satisfaction results, FGI Research and Chartwell recommend the development of a custom simulator based on your own customers.

For more information on the U.S. simulator or how to develop and use your own simulator, please contact Andy Smith, business development manager, at asmith@fgiresearch.com or call 919.932.8805.

David W. Wilson
David W. Wilson
David W. Wilson

David Wilson has over 25 years of experience helping leading companies improve their marketing results using digital marketing, direct marketing, database marketing, consumer data, predictive analytics and marketing research.