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Member Satisfaction Summit: "The Numbers Don’t Lie"

At this year’s 2013 TSE Services Member Satisfaction Summit we heard how electric utility cooperative members use customer satisfaction research to more fully engage with consumers and improve their products and services.

Member engagement, member satisfaction and best practices were trending topics for speakers at the summit as different cooperatives shared the challenges they face and how those issues are being resolved.

Here's what some companies are saying about customer satisfaction research:

-“It’s a reality check.”

-“I go straight to the verbatim responses to see what customers are saying.”

-“[We’re] empowering customers to make good decisions.”

For Owen Electric, part of creating a “culture of customer satisfaction” involved increasing the scope of their market research efforts by joining over fifty other electric utility cooperatives to more accurately track satisfaction scores produced by TSE Services and FGI Research. Overall satisfaction scores now keep them on point, but delving into the verbatim responses from cooperative members has transformed Owen Electric’s internal sense of accountability.

When every member interaction can influence the next satisfaction survey interview being conducted, employees realize how they can affect the bottom line and are eager to know the cooperative’s satisfaction scores. Linking those customer comments back to office managers, linemen, and those responsible for the topic in question propels problem resolution.

During the summit FGI’s John Blunk and Rob Killough gave the annual Member Satisfaction Survey Update, detailing updates to the survey instrument and outlining best practices for phone research concerning survey length and how to create unbiased survey questions among other topics.

Satisfaction may be a state of mind, but exploring the hard data provides tangible benefits. Understanding how to conduct phone research effectively has its benefits that pay off in the long run.

If you're looking to understand your customers more than you do now, phone surveys can be one effective way to get the insights you need to craft the perfect marketing campaign.

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