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The Ultimate Guide to the ACA for Health Insurance Marketers

You might have thought all the buzz over the Affordable Care Act was over, but in reality, it’s just beginning.

With health insurance open enrollment starting as early as this year, it is time for health insurance marketers to formulate solid business plans to gain market share and valuable customers. That's not a lot of time to get prepared, but there are still resources available to help you get ahead of the curve. Even with such a tight timeline, the more informed you are about the ACA and what could change, the better you can address your market in a campaign.

To help guide you on the right track, we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to the Affordable Care Act, which reviews 4 critical steps that must be taken in order to stay successful in the changing marketplace:

  • Retention: After some companies stop providing insurance to their employees, consumers will be forced to find their own. How do you retain current members?
  • Communication: Not all communication is equal. What’s the smartest way to strategically communicate your company's strengths and benefits to current members?
  • Acquisition: What are the best strategies to gain the most valuable customers who are navigating the open health insurance market?
  • Differentiation: The open marketplace will have a highly competitive atmosphere. What changes will your company make to stand out among the crowd?

It’s simply not enough to hope loyal customers will stick around once more options become available. It's important that you become proactive at this time and knowledgeable about the changing insurance landscape. We offer some of the most important information and data about insurance trends and buyer behavior, giving you the opportunity to market yourself more effectively.

Using tried and true methods like qualitative research, customer feedback, and honest brand evaluations can give you the answers the above questions, and thoroughly prepare your company for the impending changes the Affordable Care Act will bring.