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Build Green Energy Programs with Customer Participation

Build new programs with electric utility customer buy inIn the last 5 years, green energy programs and products have become a popular option for utility companies as they monitor expanding grid use and make the switch from fossil fuels to more sustainable (and often money-saving) practices.

Company Z—a large utility company—is one such company and wanted to find out what kind of rebate offers would incentivize small businesses to upgrade their air conditioning units to high-efficiently alternatives. This move would not only save their business customers money in the long run (a win for customer satisfaction), but also lessen the energy demands during peak usage times.

Information was needed about:

  • Customer awareness and use of the utility company’s current energy rebate programs
  • The likelihood that customers would obtain more information or schedule the free audit
  • Factors considered most important when replacing AC units
  • Whether timing impacts replacement decisions
  • Interest levels in the new rebate concept
  • Barriers to participation

To tackle these questions, FGI conducted comprehensive awareness, usage, and concept testing studies. These enabled Company Z to get a better understanding of both customer barriers to participation in the energy efficiency rebate program and what kind of rebates customers found most attractive. This could be helpful information for utility companies to use for their own reference as a guide to potential decision making.

This new case study, Building Green Energy Programs with Customer Participation, investigates how Company Z used these tips to gain important information from their customers that helped their company grow. You can download the case study via the link below.

We encourage you to further discover the helpful takeaways and tips about concept testing, awareness and usage, and green energy that you can use in your own company, no matter what industry.

Read the Green Energy Case Study Now