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When Customers Talk We Listen with Social Media Mining

Pardon the bragging, but we’re really excited about the social media mining we’re doing. 

These days, everyone is plugged into social media.  Your customers’ feelings are no longer simply complaints or recommendations mentioned over the dinner table or on the phone to a friend.  Instead, they are posted on the Internet, on mobile devices, forwarded through   emails and RSS feeds, accessible to people around the world.   

People post comments about their experiences and expect other people to post their own as well. Seventy percent of global customers say they trust online consumer reviews. So when your customers are talking about your business, they aren’t just telling their family and their dog, they’re telling the whole world. And the whole world is listening.

That means market researchers are listening too and trying to make sense of all of the data.

FGI Research’s revamped social media mining tool highlights and translates the important benefits and applications of the complex integration of social media and market research. It relies on the relationship between average customer sentiment and a multitude of research variables that might alter that sentiment such as product placement, pricing, coupons, personality, and more to generate usable and informative results. 

With this tool, you can track your social media presence in several ways with the ability to view and interpret what matters to consumers and how they really feel about businesses and products that grow and change, advance, and innovate.

For example, your business might decide to increase prices on its product in September and hopes to track customer reactions over social media before, during, and after the date of the strategy change.  

With our tool, your business can monitor any fluctuations in average negative and positive sentiment towards pricing between October, November, and beyond. This might yield information about whether the campaign to increase prices was a success or a failure.

Not only will you receive calculations of positivity and negativity towards the business strategy, but you’ll also be able to view the exact words of your customers through Facebook comments, tweets, and headline news reports for example. 

Through text analysis, our tool transforms your customers’ opinions and feedback into interpretable and interesting data such as a word cloud or a score report that can improve your customer service, your products, your marketing strategy, and therefore, your ROI.  You depend on your customers, so listen to them. 


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