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Do You Even Data

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Want to learn how you can translate incredible data list information into killer marketing campaigns? Want to better understand how data research and models can enhance the data you already have?

FGI Marketing Team

Dino Fire, FGI’s Chief Science Officer, joined FGI in 1997 after nearly ten years as a senior manager with The Arbitron Company. Dino manages a team of research analysts, and brings over 25 years’ experience in quantitative research methodology, advanced research analysis, predictive modeling analytics, and data science.

His specialization is the integration of survey data with transactional, customer-based, or third-party data to provide holistic views of consumer attitudes and behaviors. This practice helps our clients develop optimal products and marketing content, and provides insights that might otherwise go undiscovered.

Dino’s undergraduate degree is in political science with a concentration in statistics from Kent State University (1983). He earned a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University in 2013.

Recent Posts:

10 Advantages of Online Communities vs. Traditional Focus Groups (Part 1)

The venerable focus group has been a go-to market research solution since first invented by Robert Merton at the Bureau of Applied Social Research. But, times change and innovation marches on. Today, online communities are clearly a much better choice for many important market research projects. In Part 1 of this 2-part blog post, we'll cover five important advantages of online communities vs. focus groups.