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Want to learn how you can translate incredible data list information into killer marketing campaigns? Want to better understand how data research and models can enhance the data you already have?

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Recent Posts:

A Recap of the 2013 LIMRA Marketing and Research Conference

The 2013 LIMRA Marketing and Research Conference in Orlando, FL was a big hit! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the FGI Research table to discuss your research needs. Here's a quick recap and some crucial take aways.

Recap of the 2013 Chartwell Utility Market Research Summit

We just get back from the 2013 Chartwell Utility Market Research Summit in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

What I Learned at Chartwell’s EMACS Customer Experience Conference

This was my first EMACS conference and I came away impressed with all the initiatives to help energy customers be more engaged and save money, and the drive to make customer experience the number one focus for utility companies.

Online Panel Benefits, Risks for Electric Utility Market Researchers

Custom online panels are very popular with market researchers within electric utilities. Designed and used properly, they are powerful assets in the research department and throughout the entire electric utility organization.

What’s the Secret to Better JD Power Scores for Electric Utilities?

For most electric utilities, their JD Power customer satisfaction ranking is the critical measure of their success. There are many reasons why these scores and rankings matter.

The Affordable Care Act Seamless Transition: Communication Strategies

In a previous post, my colleague Philip Atkins discussed the advent of the open health insurance market and the key to retaining customers with a smooth transition into new services and plans. A big part of this transition will be strategically communicating with your customers. The goal is to intercept your current consumers and educate them about your new plans and products in the most effective way possible. This will give consumers the confidence to roll over into these new versions of health insurance instead of diving into the open market.