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The 2019 Medicare plan enrollment period may be exhausting!

First, the consumer will have from October 15th to December 7th, 2018 for AEP.  Then from January 1st to March 31st, 2019 there will be an open enrollment period.

What communication plan do you have to first indicate that you would like to be the healthcare provider and then insure they are satisfied with their choice?

At DDG, we segment this audience into market segments*:


Consumers who wish to become a Medicare Advantage Member:  1,049,182

Individuals who prefer to purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance:  1,255,367

Persons who desire PDP (Part D) only:  937,833

Dual Eligible individuals:  488,602

Special Needs Persons (SNP):  6,621,042

Turning 65**           3,342,487

Turning 66**           3,342,487

Turning 67**           3,236,222

Movers***                1,305,457

These audiences are very useful in AEP campaigns—direct mail and Facebook.  We call these custom audiences-dataFaces.

dataFace Blog


However, OEP will present a different challenge.  Our market(ing) research does indicate that many consumers can not accurately describe the form of Medicare coverage they possess.

Do you have a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Does it include prescription drug coverage?

Did you purchase a Medicare Supplement policy?

Are you dependent on only Medicare Part A and Part B?

Thus, it is certainly understandable that the member can become very dissatisfied with their coverage during the following months.  For example, did the individual consumer grasp that the PDP selected should match the prescription drugs that they are currently using?

Does your customer service groups have training that enables them to assist the consumer in making the choice that optimizes their satisfaction?   Or does your member learn that they had choices from their neighbor and thus becomes irate that your firm did not explain.

To measure your risk of “members switching” you can consider both a. market research and b. churn analytics.   Obviously, the goal of the two exercises is different but both can provide you with keen insight for member behavior in OEP.

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*These counts represent the top two percent of the propensity model 

**These counts represent Turning 65,66,67 August 2018-August 2019

***You can select moved out county or moved out state. This is a thirty day quantity