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Ad Agency Services

Today’s brands require ad agencies that provide data-driven marketing based on predictive decision making that identifies their target customers. The fragmented consumer marketplace makes this approach a necessity.


Our Approach

Instead of taking broad strokes, we help agencies create and segment their audiences so they can deliver even more targeted content. We then use data to predict how successful campaigns will be with those target audiences. 

The leaders in the agency business recognize a need to improve their predictive analytics, but find it difficult to organize the three primary pillars of support necessary for success:

Data Science Team

An effective team has both statistical practitioners and data experts who run hygiene and integration.

Data Science Platform

Most forward-looking enterprises are migrating to the cloud and AI/machine learning.

Third Party Data

Nothing is more valuable than the first party data collected by the brand. Yet, to truly understand the consumer and create personalized campaign messages, you often need third-party databases.


Plug-and-Play Predictive Marketing

The predictive marketing cloud platform, Reach, is available in grey label and offers a unique technology for your agency. By identifying consumers most likely to become customers, agencies with Reach can generate real purchase results, not just topline vanity metrics like clicks or unqualified leads. Unlike a DMP, we give you total control by using real consumer data (name, address, email, phone plus demographics, behavior, purchase transaction, media preferences, propensities) for improved customer acquisition both offline and online.

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Our Three Key Marketing Services

  • Market Segmentation

    Refine market segments for more impactful and precise marketing

  • Lookalike Model

    Identify your target audience from current customer analysis

  • Predicted Response Model

    Predict the responsiveness and engagement of your marketing campaigns

Benefits to Agency

Third Party Data

Predict What Works

Offer industry leading predictive capabilities that set your shop above the playing field.

Data Science Team

Start at a Sprint

Make your smart people even smarter. Start fast with plug-and-play managed services and move capabilities in-house with predictive skills training.

Data Science Platform

Create Better Results

Build your business by delivering increased results for your clients by offering the best, targeted audiences.


Likely to Maintain Credit Card Balance (Revolver)


Plan to Buy Identity Theft Protection


In Market for Mortgage


Use Mobile Banking App

Industry Focus

Whatever your industry or niche, there is data-driven marketing to harness and insight to glean. Take advantage of our industry experience for stronger digital and offline marketing engagement.

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Medicare and Life Insurance

Regulations make Medicare Marketing segmentation mandatory. DDG offers Medicare segments.    Read More

70% percent of consumers are underinsured for Life Insurance.  Most have never received an offer to buy. We create  custom audiences.  Read More


Data Research & Insights

Consumer-Packaged Goods

People want to be treated as people, not just another buyer. Leverage the power of data to create personalized one-to-one messaging that speaks to your customers as individuals. Even toothpaste and shampoo have market segments.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

Ad Agency

Subscribe to our data science platform: Reach. Whether you need a new client pitch or campaign optimization results, Reach provides immediate answers. Feel as if you have a data science team at your immediate disposal.

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