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Campaign Management

Omnichannel Marketing


Using our database solutions and industry-leading campaign management tools, you can make every customer interaction more personalized and engaging.


  • We integrate the best-in-class campaign management tool
  • You coordinate your communications across all channels
  • Our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface has you up and running quickly


  • Put your insights in action with omnichannel campaigns
  • Continuously test and improve your offers and communications
  • Measurably improve your customer acquisition, cultivation and retention

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Targeted Marketing

Power Your Cloud Marketing Apps


You use a growing number of cloud marketing apps. However, you need data and insights to make them work.

We have your solution.


We provide data and insight feeds using the APIs provided by your cloud marketing app.

These can include:

  • Data elements and propensities from decisionPointsTM
  • Predictive modeling scores
  • Customer segment or cluster assignments
  • Social media or email activity triggers
  • Lifestage triggers


  • Provide real-time insights that drive your communications
  • Increase the personalization of your communications
  • Improve your ROI from every cloud marketing app

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Data-Driven Action

Custom Sales & Marketing Solutions


Data and insights can improve your sales and marketing across the enterprise.

Many companies have legacy systems and unique business rules. These disparate systems prevent personalized customer communications.

We customize solutions to fit your unique requirements.



  • Lower costs as we assume the workload from your legacy systems
  • Faster time to implementation
  • Uses just the data required for you specific application
  • Scalable as the marketing ROI is proven

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