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Your Opportunity

In today's world of digital channels, Internet-of-Things, big data, and always-on consumers, you face many challenges.

You also have an opportunity to win with data-driven strategies.

You can engage customers by:

  • Sending the right messages
  • At the right times
  • Through the right channels

But, how can you harness your oceans of data? Mine critical insights? Execute omnichannel marketing?

We have the answers.

Our Mission

  • Provide practical solutions to help you go from data to insight to action
  • Create a "system of insights" that allows you to take intelligent marketing actions
  • Help you profitably acquire, grow and retain more customers

We help hundreds of leading brands.

We can help you too.

Our Difference

So, how are we different and why does it matter to you? 

  • We combine data, insight and omnichannel marketing into practical solutions that work
  • We integrate best-in-class data and technology so you're on the leading edge
  • We design our solutions to give you fast results and a strong return on investment

Our "system of insights" includes:

  1. Data — customer data that is organized, cleaned, enhanced and usable
  2. Insight — analytics that give you predictive scores and actionable insights
  3. Action — omnichannel marketing and customer engagement that works

Our Services

Our services allow you to build and use your own "system of insights."

You will optimize your data, generate actionable insights, and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

Our services include:

  1. Consumer Data and Lists
  2. dataTraces and Merge-Purge
  3. Marketing Database and decisionCenter
  4. Marketing Research and Communities
  5. Analytics and Predictive Modeling
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Campaign Management

Data-driven leaders trust our services.

You can too.


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