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Key Driver
 Advantage 2022/2023

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3 Main Factors Drive the Selection of Medicare Advantage Plan

Does your messaging address the items consumers believe are important? The DDG “Medicare Options Consumer Key Drivers Analysis” uncovers why consumers make the Medicare decisions they do. Learn the primary insights from the study by accessing our section reveals

DDG uses surveys and data science to accurately define custom audiences for:


Choosing Medicare Audiences 

Qualifying for Dual Eligibility

Buying Medicare Supplement

   Marketing services to develop and execute

data-driven marketing

Market Research 

Generate Primary or Custom Research panels geared toward customers or prospects. Discover the discriminating variables that creates the “why”

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Data Aggregation

After discovery through Marketing Research we can collect and integrate the data that drives your marketing success

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Business intelligence displays of research or transaction data. Creating various models: predictive, lookalike, propensity and nested.

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MarTech Platform Management 

Our ingestion engine will place data into Snowflake The Data Cloud performing  all hygiene and transformation then feed the next application.

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Industry Focus

Whatever your industry or niche, there is data-driven marketing to harness and insight to glean. Take advantage of our industry experience for stronger digital and offline marketing engagement.

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Medicare and Life Insurance

Regulations make Medicare Marketing segmentation mandatory. DDG offers Medicare segments.    Read More

70% percent of consumers are underinsured for Life Insurance.  Most have never received an offer to buy. We create  custom audiences.  Read More


Data Research & Insights

Consumer-Packaged Goods

People want to be treated as people, not just another buyer. Leverage the power of data to create personalized one-to-one messaging that speaks to your customers as individuals. Even toothpaste and shampoo have market segments.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

Ad Agency

Subscribe to our data science platform: Reach. Whether you need a new client pitch or campaign optimization results, Reach provides immediate answers. Feel as if you have a data science team at your immediate disposal.

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Looking for a specific data list? 

Need to add more context to the data you already have?


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