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Mortgage Business is not a “One Shot” Business

To maintain a mortgage relationship with today’s consumer you need to consider monitoring their decisions to sell their current home and move to a new location.

mortgagePoints offers you that specific functionality.  We will monitor your customers to determine if they have listed their home for sale.  If they do indeed list the home for sale we will notify you immediately.

The Benefits 

  • Monitor Properties
  • Notification about Fresh Leads
  • Reach Past Customers

We will monitor your customer list and notify you when your customers are seeking a new mortgage.  By enrolling in our program you increase your income by 30% from your current block of customers by striking while the iron is hot.

Market research confirms that the faster you contact them the more likely you will close the deal as opposed to your competitor.

Make more money today!

For a free consultation please submit the form and we will follow up with you in 48 hours.


The datadecisions Group Mortgage Team


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Free Consultation

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"Data Decisions Group has helped us immensely in expanding our marketing reach. In a constanly growing market we understand the importantance of maintianing a relationship with existing clients and Data Decisions Group is helping  us do just that. As we continue to grow we will rely on them and their courteous, knowledgeable and attentive staff to help us maximize our marketing plan.” 

Chris smith

"Data Decisions Group gives businesses one of the best avenues to reconnect as soon as a customer list their house for sale. They also offers multiple points of contact (direct mail, email and telemarketing), plus it offers helpful resources about direct marketing."

chloe clark
Marketing  Manager