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Want to learn how you can translate incredible data list information into killer marketing campaigns? Want to better understand how data research and models can enhance the data you already have?

Corey Dall

Recent Posts:

5 Things I Learned from Working in Market Research

Editor’s note: this post is by guest blogger, Corey Dall, who served as marketing manager for FGI Research for 2 years before starting her tenure as the digital marketing manager for a local bank. This is her reflection on her time here and some of the lessons she learned from our industry thought leaders.

How Different Generations View Life Insurance (And Why They Don't Want to Buy It)

If you would like to see more results from our study, you can sign up for a walk through. Find out how the insured and uninsured compare, and get suggestions on how to reach the "not right now, but someday" consumers.

A Look at Recent Online Grocery Planning and Shopping Trends

It's not a secret that we like grocery infographics.

FGI Wins Gold Hermes Creative Award for Web Redesign

We got the news on Friday when a large envelope arrived in the mail. And there, in an eloquently stated letter, was the decision: a Gold Hermes Creative Award in the Website Overall/Business to Business Category. Our website redesign and rebranding effort is an award-winning one!

Just Published: the Ultimate Guide to Proving Your Market Research ROI

If you have been a silent advocate for all the benefits that market research (MR) can bring to your company, then we’re here to help you find your voice. Our Ultimate Guide to Proving Your Market Research ROI brings research to the forefront as a key player in achieving business objectives, optimizing strategies, and—most importantly—improving return on investment (ROI).

Segmentation, Market Inventory Studies: Essential Tools for Life Insurance Marketers

From top to bottom to middle market, 2013 will be the year life insurers and annuity providers explore how to build powerful consumer profiles that define evolving consumer segments. 

How to Make ‘Ah Ha!’ Moments Actionable Outside the Market Research Department

Editor’s note: we interview Philip Atkins, director of client services, who talks about how returning to and clarifying project objectives can help ensure that research insights are not wasted with inactivity. As a market researcher, do you ever feel like other departments at your company don’t render the insights and recommendations gained in studies into actionable strategy? Here’s what it takes to get all the teams are on the same page. Get the right people sitting at the table

Just Published: The Ultimate Guide to the ACA for Health Insurance Marketers

You might have thought all the buzz over the Affordable Care Act was over, but in reality, it’s just beginning.

New Case Study: Build Green Energy Programs with Customer Participation

In the last 5 years, green energy programs and products have become a popular option for utility companies as they monitor expanding grid use and make the switch from fossil fuels to more sustainable (and often money-saving) practices.

What Sampling Methodology Means in Phone Research

So you want to field a phone study?  Perhaps you've used this mode in the past, or maybe this is a brand new avenue for your company.  Regardless of whether you are looking to run your first or fifteenth telephone project, the place to start is with sampling methodology.